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Sixteen Sorrows: A Handbook of Calamities

Sixteen Sorrows: A Handbook of Calamities


Conjure Dire Woes for the Mightiest of Heroes

Within these sorrowful pages a GM will find sixteen calamitous types of circumstances to present to their players, each one designed to provide dire antagonists, friendly faces, nettlesome complications, flavorful macguffins, and matching adventure seeds for the busy GM. Rather than just being canned scenarios, the tools in this book are Sine Nomine-style content generators to help you build your own fresh afflictions. Trusty mainstays like bandit depredations, evil sorcerers, tyrannical lords, vile curses, and other staples of the game master's arts are invigorated and shaded by the tools in this book, giving a reader the fresh ideas they need to put a new gloss on old favorites.

While Sixteen Sorrows is written for the Godbound role-playing game of heroic demigods and designed to equip a GM with suitable challenges for those mighty exemplars, the tools in this book are built to be equally useful to GMs running more traditional fantasy games. So choose the manner of your destruction. Get Sixteen Sorrows, and unleash grief and lamentation on an unsuspecting world!

This purchase is provided as a zip file containing DRM-free PDF, EPUB, and MOBI versions of this supplement.

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