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About Sine Nomine

Sine Nomine Publishing is a one-man RPG publishing house started in late 2010 by Kevin Crawford, its owner, proprietor, editor, writer, layout man, marketer, and author of this humble page.

From Stars Without Number, my very first published game, to the latest product of my fulminating book-forges, I've been determined to provide cutting-edge sandbox gaming tools to GMs and players. With every book I write, my overriding goal is to give you practical, effective tools to build your own campaigns and have your own favorite kinds of fun.

Most people would consider my games to be "OSR"-style games, "Old School Renaissance"-inspired efforts fueled by the classic editions put out by Tom Moldvay, Zeb Cook, Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, and the other giants of the early hobby. They'd be entirely right about that, too. But while I love the simplicity and easy hackability that these old-school frameworks allow, I understand that not everybody shares my tastes.

That's why every Sine Nomine game and supplement is written to be as useful as possible to as wide a range of readers as I can make it. The GM tools are built to be system-neutral, resources you can pop out of the framework and drop into your own favorite game systems with a minimum of fuss. The concepts, resources, and setting framework are all written with the full understanding that this is your game, and your idea of fun is the one these tools should be serving.

I'll be candid; I'm a businessman, not an evangelist. My job is not to show you the true gaming light or to spend thirty pages of a sourcebook telling you all about my characters. I'm as enthusiastic about the hobby as the next gamer, but I've always believed that a business needs to be grounded in pragmatic usefulness and reliable service.

My job is to give you tools you can use, effective resources you can wield in pursuit of your own ends. I run Sine Nomine like the actual business it is, and that means making deadlines, delivering good products, and supporting my customers effectively. That dedication has helped ensure five successful, early-delivery Kickstarters for my games thus far, six current years of unbroken profitability for Sine Nomine, and a bright future of useful gaming products for you.