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Hard Light

Hard Light


Hard Light takes a band of young adventurers to a system blazing with the murderous light of a red giant star. The hard-bitten novium miners of the Brightside mining station maintain the only outpost of civilization in a system filled with lethal light and stellar outlaws on the run. Will the players find the riches of the ancient asteroid sky tombs and their alien makers, or will they fall prey to the seething rebellion that boils beneath Brightside Station's steel skin? Find out in this adventure for the Stars Without Number roleplaying game.

  • Includes maps and personnel writeups for Brightside Station, a novium mining outpost hovering on the dark side of a molten planetoid.
  • Maps and contents for three fully-developed sky tombs and their enigmatic occupants.
  • Outlines the sinister machinations occurring on the station, and opportunities for PCs to entangle themselves in the mining outpost's ultimate fate.
  • Gives details on the long-forgotten alien creators of the sky tombs and the doom that befell their civilization.
  • Provides details on a selection of exotic alien technology for plunder or disastrous misuse.
  • Includes a page of mini-geomorphs and a random generation process for creating as many sky tombs as your players dare explore.
  • Hard Light is intended for 4-6 PCs of levels 1-3, and is mechanically compatible with most classic retroclones and the Stars Without Number game system.


This purchase provides the title as a DRM-free PDF file.

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