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Godbound: A Game of Divine Heroes (Deluxe Edition PDF)

Godbound: A Game of Divine Heroes (Deluxe Edition PDF)


The Throne stands empty.

Heaven has fallen, and the Words of Creation thunder from new throats.

Undestined, unfettered, unchosen, you are Godbound, and your will is writ with fire.

Godbound is a game of divine heroes in a broken world, men and women who have seized the tools that have slipped from an absent God's hands. Bound by seeming chance to the Words of Creation, these new-forged titans face a world ravaged by the mad ambitions of men and the cruel legacy of human folly. Their foes are many: the jealous parasite gods that suck at the wounds of the world, the furious Angelic Host that once held Heaven against the armies of men, and the endless legions of sorcerers, god-monsters, mortal tyrants, and eldritch relicts that scourge the shattered realms. The Godbound stand against these horrors, determined to forge a better world from the fragments of the old. Still, not all these newborn divinities have a hero's soul, and some nurture red dreams of glory and unfettered rule. Will you be a merciful god to your people, or will you make them dread your holy name?

Godbound does more than simply give you the tools to create these wielders of the Words. Within these pages, a GM will find the guidelines they need to challenge the mightiest of heroes and mark tremendous deeds on the face of their world. Inside this book, you'll find…

  • Everything you need to take a Godbound hero from their first uncertain awakening to the pinnacle of divine supremacy, with mighty Words of Creation, divine gifts, and enormous works of celestial Dominion.

  • Fearsome god-monsters and terrifying foes to tax even a pantheon of Godbound. More than that, you'll find specific instructions and advice for matching martial challenges with situations and groups.

  • Sine Nomine-style system-neutral tools for building demigod-worthy adventures and Former Empire ruins. Create noble courts, lost shards of Heaven, hidden ruins, and dire perils for your heroes to overcome. Play a different game? Lift these tools out and use them with your system of choice!

  • A system-neutral Dominion and faction mechanic that lets heroic deeds have mechanically-supported effects on the campaign world. Your hero wants to build a fortress in her native village, or ward an allied nation from the scourge of a Host-spawned disease? These rules show you how to do so, and how to make it count in play. Need to find out what happens when the pantheon's holy nation declares war on an insidious empire of evil? The rules here will give you an answer you can use.

  • Old-school inspired play mechanics derived from the Scarlet Heroes game system that are easy to pick up and let you loot decades of material for foes and challenges for the players. Just grab a classic arch-enemy, run it through the conversion notes in the bestiary chapter, and you've got your next campaign nemesis.

But that's not all. While the free version of Godbound includes all of the above to help new players and new GMs get rolling, this deluxe version of Godbound includes yet more mighty material from the Sine Nomine game-forges.

  • Mortal player character creation, whether as desperate dirt farmers-turned-adventurers or as budding mortal heroes who dare the perils of this dark world. Can your PCs survive and prosper in a world blighted by the past?

  • Cybernetics and clockwork prostheses, for those GMs that want to add in a high-tech or steampunk-flavored note to their worlds.

  • Divine Supremacy and Paradises, citadels and divine strongholds to shelter the souls of the Godbound's faithful.

  • Godwalkers, titanic engines of ruin built by the Former Empires to face divine foes. Salvage them from forgotten ruins or build your own with the creation system here.

  • The Martial Strifes, divine martial arts that channel the natural conflicts of the mundane world into fearsome feats of destructive prowess.

  • And not least, Themed Godbound that allow you to customize and flavor the demi-deities of your campaign to fit your own ideas about how they should work- with five worked examples to show you how to create superhuman Exemplars, shapeshifting Proteans, fate-thwarting Undestined, elemental Scions, and patchwork Arrayed.

Every download includes the full-color, DRM-free Deluxe PDF, character sheets, .MOBI and .EPUB file versions for easy reading, and a special lightweight PDF version optimized for fast rendering and small file size. Bookmarks, topic indexes, and a full index of divine gifts are in each PDF, the better to speed your play at the table.

So get it now. Together with the calamitous woes a GM can build with the Sixteen Sorrows guidebook, Godbound gives you what you need to run a fast, smooth, easy-to-learn system for bringing the light of a new age to a world too long plunged into Uncreated Night!

This purchase is provided as a single zip file containing the DRM-free Godbound deluxe version PDF, regular and form-fillable character sheets, EPUB and MOBI versions of the file, and a special lightweight PDF optimized for fast viewing on devices..

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