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A Note to Amazon Createspace

Due to evident difficulty in demonstrating that I am, in fact, Kevin Crawford and the authorized publisher of my own books, I append my reply to the Createspace communication of August 21st, 2018:


Again, as indicated in the prior email, I am Kevin Crawford, the author of Stars Without Number: Revised Edition. I am the owner and sole director of Sine Nomine Publishing, which I created to publish my books, and which has full rights to do so. Attached is a scan of my driver's license to confirm my identity. Publication rights have never been granted to any company but Sine Nomine Publishing, so there is no contract to revert. Also, as per your listed policy of accepting

"- An e-mail from the address listed on the author’s (or their agent’s)
official website confirming that you have the rights to publish their book
in the territories, languages and formats you have selected."

...this is an e-mail from the address listed on the official Sine Nomine Publishing website confirming that I have the rights to publish my book in the territories, languages, and formats I have selected. I have further updated the Sine Nomine Publishing website with a copy of this letter so as to demonstrate that I am, in fact, the controlling entity of that corporation.

With regards,
Kevin Crawford