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Atlas of the Latter Earth: Offset Print Edition

Atlas of the Latter Earth: Offset Print Edition


[This is the limited offset-print edition of the Atlas, from the initial run printed for the backers of the book's Kickstarter campaign. Unlike a print-on-demand book, these books have a sewn binding, printed endpapers, and higher-quality ink and paper. These copies do not have a ribbon bookmark, as those copies all went to backers, but the physical construction of the book block is identical. Purchasers will receive a PDF/mobi/epub file of the book's contents when the book ships, usually 2-3 days after ordering.]

First glimpsed in the pages of the Worlds Without Number RPG, an unfathomably far-future world of decadent sorcery and daring blades is now revealed in the Atlas of the Latter Earth. More than two hundred pages of fact and surmise are packed into this gazetteer, a full setting guide trimmed with additional game content for Worlds Without Number and a helping of the the system-neutral GM tools that so many love. While the book can be used whole as a premade campaign setting, it's also designed to be stripped down into individual countries and regions that can be looted for your own home game.

Within these pages, you'll find...

  • The grim history of the present epoch of the Latter Earth's western hemisphere, from the dim chaos of the First Age to the trials of the current day.
  • More than three dozen major lands and nations of the Latter Earth, all built for playability and usefulness to a busy GM.
  • New classes for Worlds Without Number, including the compelling Bard, sinister Accursed, fearsome Mageslayer, and the Wise found in lands of lesser magic.
  • A bestiary containing scores of terrible foes and monstrous Blighted for your heroes to face and foil.
  • New optional rules for low- and no-magic campaigns, grave wounds, modified spellcasting, and primitive firearms suitable for early modern settings.
  • Additional Foci to grant new powers and arts to budding heroes.
  • System-neutral "character tags" for molding NPC motivations and backstories, the better to fuel their role in your newly-minted adventures.
  • Seagoing rules for naval travel, sea combat, and shipbuilding.
  • JPEG map files for the twenty-six maps included in the book, for you to edit or modify for your own personal use.
  • And, of course, EPUB and MOBI files included with all PDFs, for easier phone and tablet reading, emailed with the world maps as soon as your purchased book ships.

So dare the unknown, bold reader. The secrets of the savage future lie within this tome, awaiting a hand daring enough to wield them. Pillage its lore for your own game, and make yourself the master of an age yet to come!

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