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And So We Begin

Six years ago, Sine Nomine Publishing started on a whim. Having spent six months putting together Stars Without Number as an exercise in learning InDesign and having fun with some gaming ideas, I posted it up on my new DriveThruRPG publisher account as a free download. Within months, I had thousands of downloads, a fresh Print On Demand title incubating in DTRPG's then-new POD program, and Hard Light and Skyward Steel charging out of the gate. It was a tremendous opportunity for me, and I'm glad to say I grabbed it with both hands.

In the six years since, I've toiled sleeplessly to bring you the best sandbox RPG games and supplements my artifice could fashion. Whether sci-fi sandboxing like Stars Without Number, post-apocalyptic perils in Other Dust, one-on-one fantasy heroics with Scarlet Heroes, African-inspired sword and sorcery with Spears of the Dawn, roll-your-own Lovecraftian horror with Silent Legions, or my latest effort in the demi-divine mythic heroes of Godbound, I've been determined to give you the best I could offer.

Whether in five successful Kickstarter campaigns or six profitable years of sales, my customers have supported me with undaunted generosity and boundless goodwill. Now it's time to bring Sine Nomine's products to you through my own webstore, direct from the publisher. While OneBookshelf and their DriveThruRPG market has been unfailingly good to me and will certainly continue to be a sales outlet for my PDFs and print-on-demand books, it's time that I opened up my own storefront as well.

Here at you'll find DRM-free PDFs for all the products I offer for sale, with the overwhelming majority of the payment going directly into my pockets to fuel further creations. While I'm not able to offer print copies through this storefront yet, you can still get full POD+PDF bundles for any of these products at DTRPG. From time to time, you might find special offers here as well, just as an extra thank-you for your generous patronage and edifying support of my business.

Right now, for a limited time, you can snatch up the latest Godbound supplement, the gazetteer for Ancalia: The Broken Towers at a 10% discount, an exclusive offering here at until the POD proofs for the book check out with DTRPG and I can activate the bundle there. Seize it while you can! The ways of the postal service are enigmatic, and the proofs could be arriving any day.

And now, generous patrons, I return to my labors. You have gifted me with remarkable success for a small indie RPG publisher, and the only way to ensure it continues is to keep working without halt. I hope to bring you fresh marvels and well-polished tools for your own mighty works, and to show you even more here in season.,

With regards,

            Kevin Crawford