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Wolves of God: Offset Print Edition

Wolves of God: Offset Print Edition


[Note: This is the deluxe offset print edition of Wolves of God, with sewn binding, printed endsheets, faux-leather cover and gold foil stamping. A limited number of these books were printed in excess of the Kickstarter backer's requirements, and they are being made available here for as long as they last. While a second print run of these books is not impossible, it is very unlikely, and if you want a copy of Sine Nomine's very first offset-print game, you'll want to get it now.]

It is 710 AD. It is an age of iron and ruin, a wolf-season amid the ashes of Roman Britain. The spears of the English tribes are raised against their rivals, and the Wealh of the western hills remember bitterly what was taken from them. The shattered caesters of past Roman glory litter the land, each one laden with forgotten troves hidden by desperate men of the last days. Sorcerous Arxes once sealed against a Roman rescue that never came are now cracking open, the changed refugees within now seeking vengeance for a ruin of centuries past. The holy minsters of pious monks and godly nuns stand as bulwarks against cruel and merciless bloodshed, but can their labors ever hope to tame the beasts within their kinsmen's hearts?

Wolves of God is an old-school-inspired historical fantasy game from the maker of Stars Without Number and Godbound. Set in 710 AD, PCs take up the roles of daring English adventurers: brave Warriors, holy Saints, and sorcerous Galdormen all setting forth to brave the savage wilds of post-Roman Britain. Whether plundering ruined caesters, delving into the bewitched halls of ancient Roman Arxes, raiding the cattle of rival lords, or helping holy abbots in need of strong arms, the heroes will plunge deep into the savage past of this half-conquered island.

Within these pages, you'll get...

  • Guides and tools for creating adventures in early Anglo-Saxon England, with an eye for playable content and GM helps. While Wolves of God includes fantastical elements in its setting, it's possible to play the game historically straight for hard-core history enthusiasts.
  • System-neutral tools for building religious minsters, Roman ruins, sorcerous Arxes, Anglo-Saxon political conflicts, and all the sandbox adventuring grist to be expected from a Sine Nomine game.
  • A full bestiary of classic Anglo-Saxon monstrosities and fell foes, along with tools for customizing their powers and adding extra mystery to their dreadful might.
  • Sorcery and miracles tailored to the time and place, with classic English galdor and pious miracles available for PC use.
  • Guidelines for domain management and mass combat in the harsh and primitive age of the early Anglo-Saxon chieftains.
  • Full compatiblity with Stars Without Number: Revised edition, with guides for mixing content between the games.

So take up your spears and lift your shields, bold adventurers! Deeds of mighty heroism and the songs of the scops await your labors. Seize Wolves of God now and take your place among the mighty names of old.

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